International Education

Willamette University Sponsored Study Abroad Program Evaluation

The main purpose of this questionnaire is to learn more about your impressions of your study abroad experience. 

The information you provide is important; it can help us to improve the program. Your responses will be shared only with those at Willamette University directly responsible for the academic oversight and administration of the study abroad programs. What we want are your honest and frank responses.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in completing this survey. Its usefulness - and our ability to improve future program offerings - depends on your constructive feedback.

Instructions: please complete the following questions with as much detail as possible. Submit your answers through this electronic form. You can also send your answers through campus mail, address the envelope to Office of International Education.
Full Name:
Your Study Abroad Program:
Your Semester(s) Abroad:
Academic Differences: How was the academic environment different from that of your home university and what did you do to adapt to these differences?
Host Country Friends: In what ways did you interact with host country nationals? What actions did you take to build relationships with host country nationals?
Living Situation: How did your room/board circumstances [homestay, roommate, meal plan, etc.] affect your experience abroad?
Recommend Program: Would you recommend your study abroad program to friends and family members? Please share why you would or wouldn't.
Challenge Vs. Support: An effective study abroad program provides the right balance of challenge and support before, during and after the program. Do you feel your program achieved that balance?
Anything Else: Please share any other comments, concerns or thoughts.
Thank you for submitting this evaluation!