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How to Apply

Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016 Study Abroad

The Common Application for WU Sponsored Study Abroad is available below!

There are several elements, be sure you read all of the instructions and details included with the Common Application download.

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Application Instructions and Materials

Check the Upcoming Events dates on upcoming INFORMATION SESSIONS. The upcoming application cycle is for programs offered in summer 2015, fall 2015, and spring 2016. ONLY the items outlined on the Common Application and its instructions are due on this date. Do not submit application materials for specific programs until after you have been approved for WU Study Abroad and received instructions from OIE to do so.

For advice on completing your application and essay, check out our application tips. If you have specific questions AFTER you have read all the instructions AND you have attended an Information Session and/or already met with our study abroad advisor, .

If you are interested in a SAMPLE application, you can get one here. Keep in mind that this is a sample only to demonstrate the kinds of information requested. Any element (forms, instructions, qualifications, criteria, etc.) and the method by which it will be obtained MAY BE different in the official application than depicted in the sample.

  • Common Application form with CHECKLIST and INSTRUCTIONS for Willamette Study Abroad Programs. This is a two page paper application.
  • Statement: Why Do I Want to Study Abroad - (This is a Statement that you provide- see Application Instructions that are included with the Common Application.) 
  • Transcript Release form - This form releases your transcript for WU and transcripts you have provided to the WU Registrar from other schools to OIE for your application. See the Transcript Release Authorization further information.
  • Faculty Recommendation Form - You will meet with a faculty member you choose and then have them complete the Faculty Recommendation form.
  • Personal Recommendation Form - You will meet with an appropriate recommender you choose and then have them complete the Personal Recommendation form.
  • Academic Advisor Meeting Verification Form - You will meet with your Academic Advisor(s) to discuss your plan to study abroad and have him/her sign the meeting verification form.
  • Language Assessment Form (if applicable) - You will meet with a language instructor you have had who can assess your language skills and then have him/her complete the assessment.
  • OTHER - You may need to provide: information regarding GPA issues, explanation of your conduct record, and/or program information for non-WU programs in which you are interested. 

Credit and Financial Aid Information

Credit received will show as generic Willamette credits unless otherwise arranged by your academic advisor, major/minor departments and the Registrar. You will be given information on how to do this in your Predeparture meetings. Coursework must be equivalent to coursework in the WU liberal arts curriculum to receive WU credit.

You may use all of your financial aid for WU Sponsored Programs. For all Willamette Sponsored programs you will be billed the current WU tuition rate to cover the program cost. You pay Willamette and then Willamette pays the program/university.

For some programs you are billed through your WU student account for housing. For other programs you will pay those costs directly to the host university or program provider. Board (meals) may be billed through your WU student account, paid to the host university via a board program, or you may be shopping and preparing your own meals. Review the individual program page under Costs to determine which way a program works. Look for the Willamette Sponsored Program Cost Matrix link on that page.  Study abroad scholarship and grant information

Notification of Acceptance to a Willamette Sponsored Study Abroad

The Off-Campus Studies Committee (OCSC) review process is usually complete by late-February following the deadline. See the current Application/Instructions for the current cycle's notification deadline. Notification will be sent out via email to your Willamette address. ALL applicants are sent their official status letter at the same time. Students must then accept or decline the offer of participation in a Willamette Study Abroad program and pay a deposit.  The letter of acceptance gives specific instructions on this process. Every student who applies should be prepared to pay the deposit on time, as soon as they receive an acceptance letter. See the current Common Application/Instructions for the current deposit amount.

Essential Elements

Selection Criteria

Applications are reviewed by the Off-Campus Studies Committee comprised of 5 faculty, the Director of International Education, and 2 students. Some programs can be quite competitive. Competition for any one program varies according to kind of program, number of applicants, and spaces available. Preference is given to applicants who will have junior standing or above at the time of the program.

The evaluation of applications is confidential and all decisions are final. Appeals are considered only in the case of demonstrated administrative error, or an extenuating change in circumstances, normally beyond the student’s control, or new information that would justify review of the case. All appeals must be received in their entirety in the Office of International Education within three weeks of the date of the denial notification letter.

The Off-Campus Studies Committee's Selection Criteria is useful information to have for completing your application.

Restrictions to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a privilege that is earned, not a right. Our programs are based on ongoing relationships with our international partners. Student participants are representatives of Willamette University and play a large role in the mutually beneficial relationship that the Willamette community enjoys.

  • A student must be enrolled full-time at Willamette University during the semester prior to the intended semester of study abroad.
  • In order to participate in most language programs, a student must be enrolled in a language class the semester prior. This class cannot be taken on an "audit" basis.
  • Studying abroad for a year is possible however, one of the two semesters must be an exchange program. Exchange programs are indicated on the list of sponsored programs.
  • Students planning any international travel within three to four months of the start date of their program(s) should understand that the visa process for their program may directly conflict with this. Many visa applications require submission of the original passport during the processing period. Discuss these plans with an OIE Advisor.

Non-WU Programs

If considering petitioning for approval for a Non-Willamette program or taking a leave of absence to study abroad please see the Non-Willamette Programs page.