Spanish and Liberal Arts in Granada, Spain

Application for Approved Students

Willamette University’s Study Abroad Program in Granada, Spain

Complete this application if you have been approved by your home institution to study abroad through the Willamette University Program in Granada, Spain.

To find out how to become approved to study abroad in Granada, Spain please contact Kris Lou ( at Willamette University.

University: By which university where you approved to for the Granada, Spain program?
Semester: For which semester have you been approved to apply?

Personal Information

Last Name(s): Write names as they appear on your passport
First Name:
Middle Name(s):
Preferred Name: I like to be called...
Country of Citizenship: If you are a dual citizen write both countries.
Current Passport?: Do you have passport that is valid 6 months beyond the date you will return to the U.S. from Spain?
Passport Apply Date: If you do not have a valid passport, on what day did you apply for a passport? Please write out month then day, for example January 16.
Birthdate: Please write out Month, then numeric day and year. For example January 16, 1991
Country of Birth:
University email:
Other email:

Full Campus Address

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Permanent home address

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Phone number(s)

phone 1: Please provide the phone number(s) where you can be reached year-round.
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Family or Emergency Contact

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Other phone: (i.e. cell phone)

Academic Information

Academic Standing: Academic standing at beginning of semester in Granada
Major: Major Field of Study
Minor: Minor Field of Study
GPA: Cumulative GPA on a 4.0 Scale in ALL college courses

Spanish Language Study

Course: Current Spanish Language Course
Years Studied: How many years have you studied Spanish (including high school and prior)
Description: Describe the ways in which you practice Spanish outside of the classroom


By checking the box labeled "agree" and typing my name I authorize that, to the best of my knowledge, the information I have provided in this application is my own information, that the information is accurate and that the information is complete.

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After submitting your application please email your essays to Kris Lou at For essay prompts go to the Approved Student page (when you click the Approved Student link your browser will open a new page.)