Leadership Consultants

Peter Adamson

Peter Adamson

Leadership Experience

After being a hall correspondent for two years, Peter has had the privilege of serving as the Director of Communications in Kaneko Council. He held a Community Mentor position for two years, also in Kaneko. In addition to Residence Life, he has had the opportunity to act as the Philanthropy Chair for WU's Kappa Sigma Chapter. Also a supervisor at the Bistro, he is excited to be spending his senior year in the Leadership Consultant role.


Sport and Outdoor

Areas of expertise

Money (ASWU Financing, Fundraising, Managing and Spending Funds, Reimbursements) and Time Management

Office Hours

Tuesdays 11-1pm


  • Backpacking
  • Badminton
  • Climbing
  • Cycling
  • Disc Golf
  • Foil Fencers
  • Kayak
  • Long Board
  • Martial Arts
  • Men's Lacross
  • Men's Rugby
  • Men's Soccer
  • Men's Ultimate Frisbee
  • Men's Volleyball
  • Rod and Reel
  • Running
  • Ski and Snowboard
  • Women's Rugby
  • Women's Soccer
  • Women's Ultimate Frisbee
  • Women's Volleyball
  • Yoga