Leadership Consultants

Caitlin Gibson

Caitlin Gibson

Leadership Experience

Over the past three years at Willamette, Caitlin has channeled her time and energy into service and politically and cause-focused groups, opportunities, and initiatives. She has served as the Director of Membership and then Coordinator for Sexual Assault Response Allies and the Vice President and then President of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars while being an active member in Students for Feminism. She seeks campus involvement that challenges, grows, and inspires her.


Multicultural, On-Campus Services, and Cause or Political Focused

Areas of expertise

Goal Setting, WU Policies, and Student Organization Re-Registration Processes

Office Hours

Wednesdays and Fridays 11:30-12:30pm


  • Alianza
  • Angles
  • Asian Student Association
  • Causa
  • College Democrats
  • College Republicans
  • Colleges Against Cancer
  • Hawaii Club
  • Japan Studies Student Leaders
  • Native American Enlightenment Association
  • Queer Student Union
  • Sexual Assault Response Allies
  • Students Against Slavery
  • Students for Feminism
  • Willamette International Student Union
  • Willamette Men Against Violence