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Student Organization Orientation

What is a Student Organization Orientation?

A student organization orientation (SOO) is an hour and a half long training session that the Leadership Consultants put on to provide a brief overview of necessary information for clubs and organiztations. The SOO covers event planning, recruiting and retaining members, how ASWU financing works, transitions, and a variety of other topics. This orientation also provides student leaders to meet each other and allow returning and new leaders to collaborate and start a discussion on their goals for the future.

Why is it important for student organizations to know about this orientation?

All student organizations must send a president, co-president, or treasurer to ONE orientation before the group can be eligible to apply for ASWU funds.

Can only a president, co-president, or treauser attend the SOO?

Absolutely not! All student leaders within an organization are welcome to attend; if the student organization finds it useful to send more than one representative then please feel free to attend! Just remember that a president, vice president, or treasurer needs to attend.

Resources from SOO

Future Orientations:

  • Tuesday, February 11th @ 11:30-1pm, Autzen Conference Room (University Center, 3rd Floor).
  • Tuesday, March 11th @ 5-6:30pm, Alumni Lounge.
  • Tuesday, April 8th @ 11:30-1pm, Alumni Lounge.
  • No more SOO's scheduled for the semester! Contact your LC to schedule a training one on one.