Jump Start

Steppin' Out Schedule

The Steppin' Out student leadership team has designed a fun-filled outdoor schedule including two sets of day hikes and white-water rafting. There will be time everyday when all three Jump Start programs collaborate. Breakfasts and dinners are together as well evenings; there will be options to join fun group activities. This schedule is subject to change.

Saturday, August 17
10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.Check-in
You will have an opportunity to drop your belongings off in your room and spend some time getting to know your leaders and other Steppin' Out participants. A trip to the beautiful Oregon coast is planned.
Sunday, August 18
All DayFirst set of day hikes
Cape Lookout, Cascade Head, Eagle Creek

We will be hiking in three places: Cape Lookout, Cascade Head, and Eagle Creek.

Monday, August 19
All DaySecond set of day hikes
Triangulation Peak, Opal Creek, Jefferson Park Ridge

We will be hiking in three places: Triangulation Peak, Opal Creek, and Jefferson Park Ridge.

Tuesday, August 20
All dayWhite-water rafting trip
Salmon River, Washington

We will be white-water rafting with the Wet Planet tour group down the White Salmon River in Washington.

Wednesday, August 21
All DayRecoup Day
This will be a day of hangin out, relaxing, and (maybe most importantly) sleeping in!
Thursday, August 22
10:00 a.m.Opening Days Activities
Willamette Campus

We will be back to campus for Opening Days activities by 10 a.m.

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