Student Activities

Register your organization for 2015-2016

Thinking about applying for ASWU funding next year? What about reserving space on campus?

Complete the 2015-2016 Club Registration so you can keep your organization active in the fall!

Re-Registration is a four step process that will take about an hour to complete. This information is shared with different offices/groups on campus (such as Accounting and the Office of Scheduling, Events, and Conferences) so it is very important that you submit everything as soon as possible.

Deadline: Monday, May 4th at 4pm.

Complete all the steps ON or BEFORE the deadline and your group will be entered into a drawing to win $100 in non-ASWU funds!

 Below are the four steps involved in registration: (each step includes a link to an online form or PDF that you'll need to complete).

  1. Student Organization Update & Reflection (Online Form) - Please note, the first page (registration) is for information for the 2015-16 academic year. The 2nd page (reflection) is information about what you did this past year.
  2. Student Leader and Advisor Agreement  (PDF)
  3. *Once the paperwork above is submitted, a G/L Agreement form will be emailed directly to members who have requested G/L access. These members must add their electronic signature to the form in order to access the club’s G/L (accounts).
  4. *All students will be asked to complete a short Participation Survey. Information from this survey will replace your club roster (and save YOU time!). Please ask EVERYONE in your club to complete the Participation Survey (click here to access the form on our website).

*Steps 3 and 4 are NEW to the process (and replace some former requirements). Encourage member participation to take some of the burden off of club leaders.

Please note:

  • The Office of Student Activities requires all student organizations to renew their recognition for the upcoming academic year.  All parts of the process must be completed and submitted no later than 4pm on Monday, May 4th, 2015 to continue to be an officially recognized student organization at Willamette University.
  •  Failure to submit completed forms by the deadline will cause organizations to go defunct: revoking privileges such as eligibility to apply for funding in the fall and ability to reserve campus spaces. Clubs that are late to submit this completed form will be reviewed by the ASWU Club Approval and Finance Committee in September 2015.

Questions? Need assistance? Contact Emily Morris or your Leadership Consultant.