Residence Life

Welcome to the Eastside!

The Eastside (or e!) is one of three main residential areas on campus. There are seven residence halls that make up the Eastside. Each has it unique attributes and traditions.

Baxter Hall

Baxter Hall »

Is a substance free community that regularly houses both returning students and incoming students in the hall. Baxter has hosted Laser Tag nights, holiday parties and a handprint wall to remember the community that Baxter stands for.

Belknap Hall

Belknap Hall »

Is connected via the second floor to Matthews hall and is often referred to as part of BMC (Belknap Matthews Complex). This vibrant community is made up of mostly incoming students and enjoys bring the whole community together for silly events and programs.

Cascadia Hall

Cascadia Hall »

Cascadia is currently an all women's hall.  It was recently renovated and has a basement with a full kitchen.  Cascadia is adjacent to Terra House, and while they are two separate communities, the residents of Terra and Cascadia collaborate and plan events for both to enjoy.

Matthews Hall

Matthews Hall »

Is connected via the third floor to Belknap forming the BMC (Belknap Matthews Complex). Matthews is also mostly made up of incoming students and tends to be very social creating an exciting and spirited community. The second floor of Matthews is a single gender floor for women.

Northwood Hall and Southwood Hall

Northwood Hall and Southwood Hall »

Northwood and Southwood are both first year, co-ed residence halls and are connected to each other.  While they have separate entries, Northwood and Southwood program together and function as one hall government. 

Terra House

Terra House »

Is a community of retuning and incoming students that are committed to sustainability. The lounge in marked by a life size tree painting and residents enjoy many outdoor and sustainable programs. This community hosts activities that promote their sustainable focused eco community such as camping and hiking trips.

Each hall and floor has Community Mentors (CMs) who in collaboration with the residents create programs and develop the community into an exciting, engaging and fun place to live. Check out the list for each floor and building. If you have ideas for a program or something to enhance the community let them know!