Residence Life

Grant Application

To apply for Mini-Grants, please fill out the application below. Please also note the following:

  1. The project will foster community within Kaneko around the specified topic.
  2. The project will help the Kaneko community achieve the core values of the Commons system.
  3. Applicant(s) will demonstrate the ability necessary to carry out and complete the project.
  4. The project will be well-planned and will be completed within one semester of the grant award.
  5. The project will include a detailed budget.

Please contact the Kaneko Mini-Grants Committee with any questions at

Please provide the following information:

Project Director:
Email Address:
Other Key Individual(s) Involved: Who, besides the Project Director, will be involved with this project?
Grant Program:
Project Organizer(s) WU Role: Please describe the role of the project organizer(s) in the Willamette University Community; check all that apply.
College of Liberal Arts
Graduate School of Education
Law School
Tokyo International University of America
Project Goals: Describe the goal(s) and objective(s) of the project.
Project Activities:: Please describe the timeline for planning and execution of the project including important dates and deadlines.
Mission of the Project:: How will this project help the Willamette University community achieve the core values of diversity and social justice on campus?
Commitment to Project:: Why should the committee have confidence that you will fulfill the commitment of the project?
Itemized Expenses:: Please provide a description of estimated expenses in the following format: Item: Cost, Purpose of Item
TOTAL AMOUNT REQUESTED:: Small grants (due Oct. 21, Feb 1, or Apr. 4): up to $500. Large grant (due Apr. 4) up to $1000.
Explanatory Details:: Please use this space to communicate other information that has not already been solicited in the form above, or to provide additional details as necessary.
Your Full Name: Please type your full name to attest to all conditions (see below).

If awarded, I agree to the following conditions of the grant:

  • The project will help the Willamette University community achieve core values of diversity and social justice;
  • The project will be well planned and will be completed within one semester of the grant award; and
  • At the conclusion of the activity, I agree to provide a report including receipts, how the money was spent, and evidence of achievement of project objectives. I agree to write about the impact the project had and how I (we) know that the project had an impact on the Willamette University community.