Residence Life

Our Communities

Each building within the Westside/Cornerstone area is unique and all have different atmospheres. While each community changes from year to year depending on the needs and wants of residents, below are general descriptions of the communities in the past few years. Keep in mind that you have a huge impact on what living in each building is like. From joining Hall Councils to coordinating programs for your building with your RA, you and your neighbors make the community what it is.



WISH is an internationally themed house. Residents of WISH value the exchange of knowledge, experience, and cultural exploration inherent in international relations. WISH has a history of stellar programming, including their annual Haunted House that brings hundreds of students, children and families from the surrounding Salem community. Recently WISH Hall Council has begun preparing community co-op dinners on a semi-regular basis to build relationships and explore new foods chosen and prepared by residents.

Shepard House

Shepard House »

Shepard is one of our substance-free communities on campus. Shepard residents commit to refraining from substance use within the hall and agree not to return to Shepard under the influence. Shepard has an active and creative Hall Council that boasts substance-free raves each semester, drawing residents from the entire Westside/Cornerstone community. Shepard residents also take advantage of their sun room and ping pong room, hosting tournaments and hall study sessions. The Shepard community is strong from year to year with most residents participating in programs or informal activities within the hall.

Lausanne Hall

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Lausanne Hall is the largest residence in the Westside/Cornerstone area. Communities in Lausanne include students from all class years who develop strong relationships, both on their floors and throughout the building. Lausanne has a great area for viewing television where many residents gather to watch favorite tv shows or movies. Lausanne and Doney work together to put on the Westside Winter Semi-Formal each year where over 250 Westside/Cornerstone residents enjoy a night of dinner and dancing

Lee House

Lee House »

Lee House, located on Winter Street hugging its sibling hall, York, is a quieter community with the lowest number of residents in the Westside/Cornerstone area. Lee and York share a courtyard where residents can relax or enjoy one of Lee/York Hall Council's sporadic Music Festivals. Lee House, while quiet, is not only a place to study, but a great place to get to know all of your neighbors.

York House

York House »

York is the other half to Lee, with both sharing a courtyard and a Hall Council. York has many single occupancy rooms which offer students a great place to study independently.  If you're more inclined toward social studying, the lounge is a great place to sit with a book or a cup of coffee. York hall residents have hosted various events including LAN parties and movie marathons. York residents enjoy their independence while still coming home to a small, close community.

Doney Hall

Doney Hall »

Doney hall joins with Lausanne to make up the "Westside" in Westside/Cornerstone. In addition to sharing a Hall Council, Doney residents have 24-hour access to both Lausanne and Doney in order to develop more inter-hall community; sharing resources and programming with each other. The first floor of Doney houses one of our all-female communities.  The small hall is conducive to close relationships, giving residents access to a small female community in a larger co-ed building.