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Residential Services Handbook

Our Handbook

For information on contracts and leases, including terms and conditions, see our Contracts and Leases Guide.

Residence Life / Residential Services Handbook

For information on our mission, philosophies, programs, and policies, read our 2013-2014 handbook (PDF).

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Read the Student Rights & Responsibilities policies.

Section 1 > Assignments

1.1 Residency Requirement

1.2 Room, Suite & Apartment Sizes and Rates

1.3 Assignments & Priority

1.4 Waiting Lists

1.5 Disability Accommodations

1.6 Vacancy in Residence Halls

1.7 Vacancy in Apartments

1.8 Canceling Your Housing Contract or Apartment Lease

1.9 Prorating Housing and Meal Plan Charges

1.10 Relocation and Termination

Section 2 > Rationale - Compelling Community Interests

Section 3 > Residential Services Policies

3.1 Check-In

3.2 Check-Out

3.3 Damage, Vandalism, Theft or Loss of University Property and Extra Cleaning

3.4 Decorations in Student Rooms, Suites and Apartments

3.5 Energy Conservation

3.6 Entry of Rooms/Suites/Apartments

3.7 Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG)

3.8 Furniture in Student Rooms, Suites and Apartments

3.9 Furniture in Lounges & Common Areas

3.10 Guest Rooms

3.11 Inventory

3.12 Keys

3.13 Laundry Facilities

3.14 Light Bulbs

3.15 Maintenance Repairs

3.16 Mattress Sizes

3.17 Names of Residence Halls and Apartment Buildings

3.18 Painting

3.19 Pests & Notification of Pesticide Use

3.20 Recycling

3.21 Telephone System & Repairs

3.22 Television & Dish Satellite Services

3.23 Vending Machines

3.24 Waterbeds

3.25 Wireless Access Points

Section 4 > Residence Life Handbook Information

Section 5 > Appendices

Residential Services administers the housing contract/apartment lease for all on campus residences and provides the following services:

  • Meal plans
  • Keys
  • Rental references
  • Guest rooms
  • Renovation/facility projects
  • Residency requirement
  • Assignments to residence halls, Greek chapters, apartments
  • Temporary/over assignments
  • Waiting list for rate changes
  • Canceling your housing contract/apartment lease
  • Relocation and termination
  • Housing contract for room and meal plan/rates
  • Apartment lease/rates
  • Off campus/apartment meal plan

Further information on these topics is available on our website,

Note that the Office of Residence Life oversees residential staff and programs. On behalf of the University, Residence Life live-in staff members are responsible for ensuring that students understand and abide by the terms and policies referred to in the Housing Contract/Apartment Lease. For further information regarding their staff and programs, please visit their website: