Residential Services

1.1 Residency Requirement

The Board of Trustees of Willamette University requires all freshmen and sophomores to live in University housing unless they are married, over the age of 21, have dependent family under their care (child or parent) or are living with parent(s) within a commutable distance of 25 miles or less. In extreme circumstances, the Residency Requirement Waiver Committee may grant an exception. Applications for a waiver of the residency requirement are available in Residential Services. Residents are advised not to sign outside contracts or leases until they have been formally notified of their release as it is rare. Non-negotiable cancellation fees are in affect.

Research comparing students who have lived on campus to those who have not demonstrates that students with residential living experience:

  • have higher expectations of academic achievement
  • are more satisfied with their interpersonal relationships and the campus social climate
  • participate more in extracurricular activities
  • report higher levels of personal growth and development
  • have increased interaction with faculty
  • are more likely to graduate from college