Residential Services

1.10 Relocation & Termination

Any student who violates the contract/lease and/or rules and regulations covered by the Terms and Conditions for Room and Meal Plan, or Terms and Conditions for the Apartment Lease (including nonpayment) may be required to relocate or withdraw from housing accommodations by the Office of Residence Life or Residential Services and pay the non-negotiable cancellation penalty ($750 for contracts; $900 for leases for 2014-2015).

For the benefit of the individual students and/or the community, behavior that significantly disrupts individuals or the community shall be grounds for notice to relocate to another assignment or to vacate the residence and terminate the contract/lease (e.g., disorderly conduct, harassment, unreasonable noise, repeated fire code violations, violation of a theme living contract).

The University will give the student at least three days notice of termination or reassignment unless the student or someone under the student's control threatens to inflict, or actually inflicts, personal injury or substantial damage to the premises or commits an act which is a significant disruption to the community. In such a case, immediate notice of relocation or 24-hour notice of termination may be delivered to the student.

Students who contract for a space on campus and fail to register for classes within 10 days of the start of the semester will be removed from campus housing and their space will be reassigned.

Failure to comply with instructions to vacate after termination or relocation by Willamette University will result in the removal and storage of the student's possessions by the University at the student's expense. In the event of a roommate conflict or any other instance where the University requires a resident to move out of the room/residence, it is understood that the resident may be required to change their room style/type.

Room and Meal Plan Contracts

If the University chooses to cancel a student's contract, the student is required to pay the non-negotiable $750 cancellation penalty and the to-date accrued room and meal plan charges.

Apartment Leases

If the University chooses to cancel a student's lease, the student is required to pay the to-date accrued rent charges, the non-negotiable $900 cancellation penalty and rent charges until the University leases your portion of the apartment to an eligible Willamette student.