Residential Services

3.11 Inventory

Students are not permitted to make alterations to their room/suite/apartment or to the furniture. Students will be billed for any damages that occur and for any alterations that they make during their occupancy as indicated on their inventory card.

Students are responsible for the upkeep of their own rooms/suites and private/semi-private bathrooms and are expected to keep them in an orderly, safe and sanitary condition. Students are responsible for taking out their trash and recycling to a central collection area on a regular basis to avoid pests, odors and additional facilities charges.

Students are responsible for checking in and out of their rooms/suites/apartments with a member of the Residence Life staff. When a room/suite is vacated, it is to be returned to its original condition. A $25 fine is assessed if a student fails to check in/out of his/her room/suite/apartment with a staff member within 24 hours of arrival/departure/withdrawal. A student has properly checked out when they have signed their completed inventory card and returned their key (except Kaneko wing B/C residents) to the Residence Life staff member who inspects the room/suite/apartment.