Residential Services

3.12 Keys

At check-in you are issued a key to your room/apartment (unless you live in the B or C wing of Kaneko). You are responsible for your key until check-out. Most keys are picked up at the Service Center at check-in and returned to your Residence Life staff member at check-out. If you lose your room/apartment key, contact Residential Services in the Service Center to order a lock change and new keys. If you lose your key or do not return it at check-out, it is your responsibility to pay for the lock to be changed to ensure the security of the next resident ($85). Sorority residents check their keys out from and report lost keys to their Sorority House Director.

For the security of all campus residents, students may not lend their key or Compass Card to anyone. If you live in an apartment in Kaneko, Haseldorf or the University Apartments and circumstances require that another student have access to your apartment over the semester break, contact Residential Services for additional information.

The unauthorized possession, use, reproduction or sale of keys to University facilities is a violation of the Standards of Conduct and is prohibited.