Residential Services

3.8 Furniture in Student Rooms, Suites & Apartments

Student room, suite and apartment furniture cannot be removed from or switched between student rooms/suites/apartments. Facilities Management (maintenance) staff will remove any extra furniture used in over-assigned rooms.

Beds are to remain intact and not taken apart. If a student does disassemble their bed, they are financially responsible for all bed parts, for storing the bed parts in their room/suite/apartment and for the cost of reassembling the bed by Facilities Management staff.

Bed Adjustments

Beds in most residences can be bunked, unbunked, raised or lowered. Rooms that have one set of tall bed ends and one set of short ends may request that their beds be bunked. Work orders to bunk beds will only be completed in the above described rooms. Students who request to have their beds bunked will be required to sign a release and a guard rail will be added to the top bunk. For bed adjustment requests to raise or lower a bed, submit a work order. Facilities Maintenance staff will call you for an appointment to check if your current bed can be adjusted.

Raising beds off the floor may be unsafe and/or void the manufacture's warranty. Students need to use supports specifically manufactured for that purpose. Your Coordinator needs to inspect and approve any bed that is raised off the floor.

Lofts are not permitted in student rooms/suites/apartments.

Tape cannot be applied to furniture or carpet due to the sticky residue that is left behind.