Residential Services

Meal Plans and Food Service Options

The on-campus dining program has been designed with flexibility to meet the unique needs of each student. The housing contract cost is for room and meal plan.

The Willamette Meal Plan consists of "all you care to eat" meals (dinners Sunday through Friday and brunch on Saturday) and Meal Plan Points for use on an "a la carte" basis (breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, dinner Saturday and brunch on Sunday). The University operates a comprehensive food program available with a choice six Meal Plan Point choices for the "a la carte" meals. These options allow you to select the meal plan best tailored to your needs.

Choose a meal plan on your housing contract for the academic year. All students living in a residence hall have a Willamette Meal Plan. The total expense for a meal plan includes the selected plan and food service overhead. Meal Plan Points are honored at Goudy Commons, Kaneko Commons, Cat Cavern and Montag Convenience Store. If you plan to go to Montag for limited point grab and go items and snacks, consider going up one plan. Points carry over from fall to spring semester if you remain an on-campus resident (sororities, Haseldorf, University or Kaneko Commons Apartments and students going abroad excluded). Points remaining at the completion of spring semester are non-refundable. No credit or refund is issued for "all you care to eat" meals not taken.

Students who live in the sororities participate in the Sorority Meal Plan.

Tracking Your Current Willamette Meal Plan

Every month Bon Apetite publishes a calendar that tracks the estimated amount of points that each plan should have over each day of the month. To track the running balance of your current Willamette Meal Plan, login to your Online Card Office.

Changing Your Willamette Meal Plan

Willamette Meal Plan changes are accepted during the first week of each semester. Forms are available online by accessing your JASON Account (Joint Academic/Administrative System), emailing or from Housing & Community Life during the Meal Plan change period.

Willamette Meal Plans for 2015-2016

For pricing information, please see the Room and Meal Plan Costs section.

Meal Plan Meals Per Week Points Per Semester
Plan A 7 AYCE 525
Plan B 7 AYCE 625
Plan C 7 AYCE 750
Plan D 7 AYCE 900
Plan E 5 AYCE 800
Plan JS 3 AYCE 800

Meal Schedule

  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fr Sat
Breakfast   P P P P P  
Lunch P (BR) P P P P P A (BR)
Dinner A A A A A A P

A = All You Care to Eat Meal (AYCE)
P = Points Meal
BR = Brunch

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