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The top two questions most people have are: 1) What can I get out of WEMS? and 2) How can I get into WEMS?

What can I get out of WEMS?

To begin with you need to understand that WEMS, like anything in life, is built with the people at its core. In the same way as asking what you can get from a class or a profession, you will get out of WEMS what you put into it. Many of our alumni have come into college without any previous medical experience, joined WEMS, and left with fields in the health care profession including working in hospitals, ambulances, search and rescue teams, and many other fields. WEMS offers students the ability to take First Responder classes, as well as continued education and training classes, respond to on-campus emergencies, care for patients, provide follow-up care, and play an active role as a leader within a group.

How can I get into WEMS?

There are two ways to join WEMS. You can come into Willamette with your First responder, EMT-Basic or higher certification (which most people do not have at this point). If you have any of these certifications you can join immediately. The second way is after coming to Willamette, you can take a First Responder class offered yearly at Willamette in the fall, and join spring semester or after successfully completing this course. Then all you need to do is contact us and say you're interested in joining, and we can get you started!

Training Information

The First Responder course offered at Willamette during the fall semester is a 6 week course in which students meet once a week with an instructor. The once a week sessions include a lecture component about emergency topics one needs to be familiar with, and also hands on skills practice. 


To be an effective Responder its important for students to take initiative in learning and participating so that the necessary emergency skills are learned to be successful in calls on campus. This means attending all the classes for certification in the fall and attending drills regularly on the weekends. 

For more information

If you would like more information on how to join or the classes available to you, we can be reached by:

When contacting us, please include your name, phone number, email address, and any certifications you currently hold or are interested in obtaining. Thank you!