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Meet Willamette's Kemper Scholars: Keith Fakhoury '13

I applied to the Kemper Scholar Program because I wanted to differentiate myself. Because of the Kemper Foundation, my first non-profit internship was at the Mayor’s Office, in the greatest city of Chicago. As a Mayoral Fellow for Rahm Emanuel, I focused on economic development, social media, and education reform alongside graduate students from the nation’s top programs including Harvard, Northwestern, Stanford, and several other top programs. It was a summer of intense, professional refinement and career development.

During my tenure with the Foundation, their small (but powerful) staff worked rigorously with each scholar to improve and enhance their resume, interviewing skills, ability to network, and other expertise successful leaders will need. Beyond the personal and professional development, the real value of the Program is placement in a small cohort alongside other nationally recognized, ambitious students. You’ll have the opportunity to socialize and mingle with other students, leaders of our generation, for an entire summer your sophomore year and many more students at the annual conference.

It’s uncommon for freshmen to have clear, concise goals written down, know what career path they want to pursue, obtain top tier work experience and establish a five year plan. But if you’re hoping to address these areas of concern effectively, you will be much better off applying to the Kemper Scholars Program. It has indisputably been the greatest complement to my liberal arts degree at Willamette.