Student Academic Grants and Awards

Carson Scholarship: 1992

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Craig Briscoe

"Psychology and Classroom Design"
Mary Ann Youngren, Psychology

Peter Dudey

"Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Game of GO
Sponsor: Jim Levenick, Computer Science

Laura Florl

"Tactile Attention and Pattern Recognition
Sponsor: Paul Evans, Psychology

Elissaveta Ivanova

"Image of the United States: Television and Newspaper Coverage of the 1988 and 1992 U.S. Presidential Elections in Bulgarian Mass Media
Sponsor: Catherine Collins; Ken Nolley, Speech Communication; English

Kimberly Kenaston

Women Offenders Study"
Steven Hey, Sociology

Janice King

"Willamette Reference Collection of Paleobotanical Remains from the Middle East
Sponsor: David McCreery, Religion

Stephen Kirk

"A History of the Theory of the Presidential Mandate
Sponsor: Richard Ellis, Political Science

Todor Petev

"The Problem of the Presentation of Space in the Icons of the Eastern Orthodox Church
Sponsor: Roger Hull , Art

Michael Wyatt Pickett

A Film Adaptation of Richard Braurigan's Trout Fishing in America
Sponsor: Ken Nolley, English

Suat Ping Khoo

"In Quest of Debussy at Aspen Music School
Sponsor: Anita King, Music

Robert Ring

"Exploration of Numerical Algorithm Behavior Under the Application of Interval Mathematics
Sponsor: George Struble, Computer Science

Julian Snow

"Original Composition for Chamber Ensemble
Sponsor: John Peel, Music

Brian Thomas

"Embracing an Outward Oriented Development Strategy
Sponsor: Jim Hanson, Economics

Theresa Vandehey

"Contributors to Acquaintance Rape in College
Sponsor: Carol Ireson, Sociology