Student Academic Grants and Awards

Carson Scholarship: 1994

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Michelle Corse (with Nicole Michael)

Ecological Studies to Ascertain the Rarity of the Chiricahua Fox Squirrel"
John Koprowski, Biology

Suzanne Crawford

Celtic Spirituality and Christian Syncretism
Sponsor: Lane McGaughy, Religion

Signe Dortch

"History of Salud Medical Center
Sponsor: Ellen Eisenberg, History

Timothy L. Eblen

The Secret of Success in Show Biz; Is There One?
Sponsor: Llewellyn Rhoe, Theatre

Michael Garrett

"Film "In A Room By the Sea"
Sponsor: Ken Holley; Gerard Bowers, English

Grady Harper

A Comparative Study of Wirtgensrein and Blake
Sponsor: Gerard Bowers, English

Nicole Michael (with Michelle Corse)

"Ecological Studies to Ascertain the Rarity of the Chiricahua Fox Squirrel
Sponsor: John Koprowski, Biology

Christine Montgomery

"A Study of William H. Johnson's Use of Color Through Woodcuts
Sponsor: James Thompson, Art

Jane Patterson

Pictorial and Social Space: Changes in Society and Art as Reflected in 17th Century European Mapmaking
Sponsor: Roger Hull, Art

Elizabeth Simson

"The Rhetoric of Conservative Women: A Comparative Analysis of Anti-Suffragist and Anti-Feminist Discourse
Sponsor: David Douglass, Rhetoric

Thea Wilmarth

"Photochemistry of Porphyrin-Coated Titanium Dixoide Electrodes
Sponsor: Carl C. Wamser,