Student Academic Grants and Awards

Carson Scholarship: 1996

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Evgenia Abbruzzese

"Comparative Analysis of Russian and American School Mathematics Systems: What are the Russians Doing that Provides So Much Better Results?"
Sponsor: Richard S Hall, Mathematics

Andrew Erie Bernhard

"Justin Martyr and the Acceptance of the Gospel of John into Normative Christianity"
Sponsor: Douglas McGaughey, Religion

Jeffrey Brislin

"Statistical Analysis of the Influence of Indian Casinos on Oregon Lottery"
Sponsor: Richard Iltis, Mathematics

Elizabeth Byrne

"Suite for Elementary Band"
Sponsor: John Peel, Music

Kaedi Garvin

"Water Testing in Rural, Mountain Communities: Oaxaca, Mexico"
Sponsor: Doug Rawlins,

Tera Heintz

"A Defense of the Coherentist Theory of Epistemic Justification"
Sponsor: Lou Goble, Philosophy

Blayne M. Higa

"Light in the Crevice Never Seen:The Indigenous Voice and the Rhetoric of Resistance Literature"
Sponsor: Catherine Collins, Rhetoric

Marc Kassis

"Structural Parameters of the Old Open Clusters"
Sponsor: Eileen Friel,

Lisa Lambert

"A Filmmaker and a Movement: Tracing the Effects of Neorealism on the Evolution of Federico Fellini's Film Style"
Sponsor: Ken Nolley, English

Beatrice Murch

"Adaptation of The Last Ride"
Sponsor: Gill Dennis,

Garrick Olson

"Performance, Flexihility and Security of Micro-kernel Object Oriented Operating Systems"
Sponsor: Edmond Loyot, Computer Science

Heather Parkinson

"The Wood River Promise: A Chronicle Exploring Forgotten Currents"
Sponsor: Carol Long, English