Student Academic Grants and Awards

Carson Scholarship: 1997

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Casey Connaway

Tales of the American West: A Volume of Nine Short Stories
Sponsor: Michael Strelow, English

Kalen Feeney

American Sign Language in Theatre"
Sponsor: Peter Harmer, Exercise Science

Caty Haber

Las Desaparecideas de Democracia (The Disappeared of Democracy)
Sponsor: Sammy Basu, Politics

Jeremy Hall

A Comparison of the Consequences of Conventional and Sustainable Agricultural Methods: A Quantification of Stewardship"
Sponsor: Susan Kephart, Biology

Brook Houglum

"Seamus Heaney: Development of Literary Place"
Sponsor: Carol Long, English

Justin Klure

Transition to a Post Petroleum Economy"
Sponsor: Russ Beaton, Economics

Dean Nakanishi

"Between Worlds: The Willamette University Japanese American Experience Resulting from Executive Order 9066"
Sponsor: Linda Tamura, Education

Brooks Rademacher

"Megatrol Acetate: Isolation and Identification of its Metabolites"
Sponsor: Rodney Pommier, Thea Wilmarth

Angela Ridinger

Marginalization and Misogyny: A Historical Analysis of African-American Women n the American Film Canon"
Sponsor: Ellen Eisenberg, History

Melissa Sangers

Identifying the Furin Binding Region in ABP-280: A Protein Study"
Sponsor: Gary Thomas,

Thuan Tran and Jin Song Yom

Acne Vulgaris: A Case Study in Antibiotic Susceptibility and Quinolines as Alternative Therapy"
Sponsor: Mitchell Smith, Biology