Student Academic Grants and Awards

Carson Scholarship: 2006

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Carolyn Burns

“The Role of Family in Mental Health Care in Oaxaca, Mexico”
Sponsor: Peter Wogan, Anthropology

Ivo Dimitrov

“Rediscovering the Role of King Boris III in the Bulgarian Rescue”
Sponsor: William Smaldone, History

Mara Hansen

“A Critical Examination of Medical Pluralism in Rural Guatemala”
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology

Rebekah Harmon

“The Source of the Sun: An Art Book of Japanese Mythology”
Sponsor: Miho Fujiwara, Japanese

Joe Kaczmarek

“Poetry with a Point: Modern Use of Poetry as a Vehicle for Rhetorical Appeal”

Sponsor: David Douglass, Rhetoric & Media Studies

Maya Karp

“The Daily Grind”

Sponsor: Jenny Orr, Computer Science

Jennifer Kong

“Establishing a Correlation Between the Anamorphic Development and Nervous System Maturation of the Copepod (Undinula vulgaris)”

Sponsor: Petra Lenz, University of Hawaii, Manoa

Forrest Lindsay-McGinn

“Cultural Change and the Environment: A Study of Solar Cooking in Oaxaca, Mexico”

Sponsor: Peter Eilers, Earth & Environmental Science

Steve Malick

“Gender Identity and Jesus: The Masculinities of Christian Men”

Sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins, Anthropology

Lauren Pressler

“Ludwig Salzer: Man of Letters”

Sponsor: James Thompson, Art

Lin Zhao

“Education and Identity: A Study of Second-Generation Asian Americans and the Impact of Higher Education on their Search for Cultural Identity”
Sponsor: Juwen Zhang, Chinese Language & Culture