Student Academic Grants and Awards

Carson Scholarship: 2010

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Jeffery Collins

Causes of Time Dependency in the Primate Molecular Clock
Sponsor: Christopher Smith,
Major: Biology

Kelsey Copes-Gerbitz

Cultural Resource Survey of Zena Forest
Sponsor: Scott Pike,
Major: Environmental Science

Sydney Gabbard

Fitting the Part: Reconciling Feminism and Traditional Operatic Roles
Sponsor: Grant Linsell,
Major: Music, Performance Voice

Kenneth Hendricks

Fire Department Relations in a Vertical World
Sponsor: Miho Fujiwara,
Major: Japanese Studies

Breanna Lee

The Dynamic Folk: Joanna Newsom and the Participant-Based Construction of Folk Music Subgenres
Sponsor: Pamela Moro,
Major: Music

Kelli Maeshiro

Search for Identity through an Imaginary Mother-Daughter Relationship
Sponsor: Heidi Preuss Grew,
Major: Art

Abraham Moland

Hakuna Matatu: Enhancing Pedestrian Safety in Nairobi, Kenya
Sponsor: Peter Harmer,
Major: Exercise Science

Tejeswara Reddy

Seeds of Colonialism: A Study of the Effects of Genetically-Modified Seed on Indian Farmers and its Ramifications on a Globalized Economy through Gandhian Philosophy
Sponsor: Joe Bowersox,
Double Major: Environmental Science and Economics

Benjamin Scheiner

An Instrumental Case Study of PCUN: Immigrant Unionization and Union Revitalization in the United States
Sponsor: Melissa Buis Michaux,
Major: Politics

Charles Utting

The Kid: A Visual History of Billy the Kid
Sponsor: Michael Strelow,
Major: History