Student Academic Grants and Awards

Carson Scholarship: 2012

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Travis Andreasen

Sponsor: Scott Nadelson, English

Caroline Cahill

Evaluating the Health Changes in Asian International Students at a West Coast Liberal Arts College
Sponsor: Stas Stavrianeas, Exercise Science

Joseph Campbell

Subsistence Strategies of Homeless LGBT Youth in Portland, Oregon
Sponsor: Scott Vandehey, Anthropology

Matthew Faunt

Lifelong Bonds and Intentional Communities: Camp Programming in the State of Oregon
Sponsor: Ethan Erickson, Tsuga Community Commission

Meagan Hash

A Species in Need of Management: A Study of Wildlife Management from East Africa to Gray Wolves in Montana
Sponsor: Scott Pike, Earth and Environmental Science

Lars Henriksen

Narrative of Crisis: A Comparative Analysis of Japanese and American Newspaper Coverage of the Nuclear Crisis in Fukashima, Japan
Sponsor: Catherine Collins, Rhetoric and Media Studies

Kristine Lim

Biomechanics Assessment and Evidence-Based Community Outreach
Sponsor: Robin Dorociak, Exercise Science

Andrew Long

Queer Hieroglyphs: Visual Storytelling Combining the Techniques of Queer Street Art and Rock Art
Sponsor: Heidi Preuss Grew, Studio Art

Michael Lukas

How Influential Was It?: A Study of Neolithic Pottery, Their Sources, and Production Techniques at the Ness of Brodgar
Sponsor: Scott Pike, Earth and Environmental Science

Dan McCulley

An Inquiry into Astrophysics: Understanding Triple Mode Pulsating Variable Stars
Sponsor: Rick Watkins, Physics

Elena Wimberger

Generational Impacts on Civil Disobedience: How the Legacy of a Dictatorship has Influenced Current Student Activism in Chile
Sponsor: Megan Ybarra, Politics and Latin American Studies