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Event Request Form: Alcohol Request

When alcohol is to be served in any University approved facility, the Alcohol Request Form must be submitted online twelve (12) working days prior to the event for final approval by the University Events Committee.  If your activity is taking place in less than twelve (12) working days, please contact Kathleen Kellay, Director of Scheduling, Events, & Conferences <> for special consideration.

The University serves alcohol through an exclusive third party vending contract. Alcohol use or consumption is not acceptable as the main focus of an event. No student body fees (i.e. ASWU, HHR, Club Dues, etc.) can be used to purchase or contract for alcohol at an event. Alcohol must be served by a third party vendor. You should contact Bon Appetit no later than two weeks prior to your event to arrange alcohol service.

Please review the University Alcohol Policy for approved locations. By submitting this registration form, the individuals and organization representative agree to hold the event in compliance with all applicable laws and University guidelines, including the University Alcohol Policy.

Note: Field Names in Red are Required.

Requesting Individual*
Contact Email*
Event Title*
Date(s) of Event*
Time(s) Alcohol will be available for attendees* (Note: Security requirements will be extended beyond this time frame to facilitate setup/cleanup)
Room/Location of Alcohol*
Number Attending*
Willamette University Account numbers that damage or stewardship billings may be charged to:
Sponsoring Organization or Department
Contact person(s) on-site during the event*
Food items prominently displayed and available?Yes
What type of food will be served?*
Have you contacted Campus Safety (503-370-6911)?Yes
Will attendees be arriving at the same time?Yes
Are you willing to abide by the alcohol publicity guidelines?* Yes
Attendees affiliated with Willamette aware of possible Willamette ID requirement?Yes
Have you made arrangements for monitoring the entrance and egress from the facility?* Yes
Please explain your arrangements
Will there be minors present? (under 21)* Yes
What age verification mechanism will you use?
What type of alcoholic beverages are you requesting to serve?* Beer/Ale
Are you requesting that alcohol be directly or indirectly sold at the event?Yes
Who is providing non-alcoholic selections?Sponsoring group
Bon Appetit
Description of non-alcoholic selections:*