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What's wrong with my text?

In the process of adding text into a new page, text formatting issues often occur when copying text from Microsoft Office programs, such as Word.

Signs of this problem are:

- Text in a weird font or size
- All bolded text
- All italicized text
- Problems with bullet lists or numbered lists
- Odd spacing

To avoid this, we recommend that if you need to transfer text content from Word, that you take one additional step in the process. Directions on how to do this can be seen below:

In the Word Program, select and Copy the text that you wish to add to a page.

Now, open a simple Text Editing Program, such as TextEdit or Notepad and Paste in the text.

This will remove the Word formatting that conflicts with WebEdit.

Select the text once more and Copy again.

Paste the text into the WebEdit page. You text is now correctly formatted.

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