Web Development

Left Navigation

Add a Section (i.e. "Quick Page") in the Left Nav

The "Quick Page" is an easy way to create a subfolder with index page (a new section). When created, this section is automatically added to the left nav.

To create a new section in the left nav:

Locate and select the folder where you want your section added.

Before creating the section, use the system tree to locate your department folder. Click on the department folder, or sub-folder in which you want your section added.

If you are unsure of where it should be placed, please contact webdev@willamette.edu for assistance.


Go to New > Dept > Your Department > + Quick Page.

From the top navigation menu (blue menu bar), click on New. From the drop-down menu choose your department's container folder (this will vary depending on the school). Then, find your department folder and hover over it. In the sub-menu that appears, choose "Quick Page".


Enter an abbreviation of the section's name in the system name field.

PLEASE NOTE: It is VERY important to make the system name lowercased and using underscores instead of spaces (Examples: "travel" or "travel_info").

Learn more about system names.


In the Display Name field, enter the Section name.

This text will be used for the left navigation's listing of your section. Be aware that the title in the Display Name should be kept brief. Lengthy titles can appear bulky and difficult to read.


Choose the Publish and Index settings.

RUSH JOBS: If you plan on publishing your section immediately after creation, leave the "Include when publishing" and "Include when indexing" boxes checked. 

ONGOING PROJECTS: If you are going to be working on your section for an extended period of time, or if you are dealing with time-sensitive information, then you should deselect the "Include when publishing" box, and those pages cannot be published until you change this setting back.


Submit to save.

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.



A spell check may appear. You can either modify specific words, or leave them set to "ignore" and Submit one more time.


A green message will indicate that the new section has successfully been created, and in the system tree, the parent folder of the new section will automatically be selected.


Click on the index page within the new folder (that is automatically selected).

To add content in your new page, click on the index page inside the new folder.


Add Content to your section's index page.

For guidance on how to add content to your index page, continue on to the next tutorial.