Tyler Arthurs

Master of Arts in Teaching

Tyler Arthurs


Elementary Education, Middle School Education


Japanese, Multiple Subjects

Teaching Strengths

  • I am able to develop ways to differentiate for students of varying levels. Whether a student is designated TAG, ELL, on an IEP or not, I am able to identify individual needs and take steps to support students.
  • I have many years of experience working with other cultures and am sensitive to different ideas and ways of doing things. Not only do I value the different perspectives students of many cultures bring to class but I think using pieces of these cultures in instruction helps students relate to the material.
  • I am diligent and willing to do the little extra things to help students succeed. Whether it is contact with parents, running a lunch study group, or helping other teachers conduct events or projects, I am eager to help students and the school to be better.


  • Southern Oregon University, BA (international studies)
  • Willamette University, MAT

Teacher Research Topic

My research project consisted of measuring student response and quiz scores when listening to period music as opposed to having no music playing. My goal was to measure the difference in concentration, work quality and quiz scores. Excluding certain variables, my research has shown that students have done better on quizzes with music while no noticeable difference was detected concerning concentration or work quality.


Student Teaching

  • Sheridan Japanese School, Sheridan, Oregon: middle level social studies (Western Civilizations); language arts (writing, spelling vocabulary, reading); 2nd year Japanese

Practicum Teaching

  • Pringle Elementary, Salem, Oregon: 5th grade reading (literacy unit around "Bud, Not Buddy" covering family, race and poverty); conducted daily math exercises.

Other Classroom / Youth Experience:

  • Assistant, Yoshikai Elementary School's Emotional Growth classroom: led small reading groups, taught science; classroom management and conflict resolution (2 years)
  • Taught English and coached rugby at the high school and middle level at Sanyo Nakamura Boys School in Fukuoka, Japan (4 years)
  • Taught English to pre-school aged children at Hinode Preschool in Fukuoka Japan (2 years)
  • Coached one season of Special Olympics in Ashland, Oregon.


Student Teaching Supervisor

  • Andrew Scott, Sheridan Japanese School, Sheridan, Oregon

Practicum Supervisor

  • Carol Decembre, Pringle Elementary School, Salem, Oregon

University Supervisor