Jeffrey Bennett

Master of Arts in Teaching

Jeffrey Bennett


Middle School Education, High School Education


Integrated Science, Multiple Subjects

Curriculum Vitae | Letter of Recommendation

Teaching Strengths

  • As a returning student, I bring to my classroom a diverse set of skills and experiences that allows me to provide a rich and original perspective to my curriculum, and a sense of empathy with my students.
  • My previous career allowed me to experience many different cultures, live and work in several countries, and learn another language.
  • I am a father of two young boys, one of whom is in the public school system. Each day I approach my classes with an understanding that these are children like mine. I continually ask myself if the approach to teaching I am taking is the approach I would like for my own children.


  • Willamette University, BA 2010 (environmental science - natural science emphasis)
  • Willamette University, MAT 2012

Teacher Research Topic

Teaching using a democratic consensus approach can be difficult to set up and administer effectively while also addressing standards. My inquiry project included the application of a democratic consensus classroom environment with a reflective approach to the curriculum. My self-examinations on the learning taking place in the classroom focused on the spoken language and the leaning of the students based on the lessons I was providing and on the student discourse (Bahktin, 1981)


Student Teaching

  • Claggett Creek Middle School, Salem, Oregon

Practicum Teaching

  • North Salem High School, Salem, Oregon, 9th grade physical science (space unit)


Student Teaching Supervisor

  • Jolene Hinrichsen, Claggett Creek Middle School, Salem, Oregon

Practicum Supervisor

  • Stephanie Cox, North High School, Salem Oregon

University Supervisor