Andy Sydow

Master of Arts in Teaching

Andy Sydow


Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Middle School Education, High School Education


Multiple Subjects, Physical Education

Endorsements (pending)


Teaching Strengths

  • In the world of physical education the challenge is to reach all students. Some students are naturally physically active and others are not. I feel that it is important to understand how to put a curriculum together that reaches all students.
  • I am confident in my abilities to help students that are physically challenged and find a way for them to feel comfortable in my P.E. classes.


  • Linfield College, BS 2003 (physical education)
  • Willamette University, MAT 2012 (K-12 PE)

Teacher Research Topic

I am in the process of collecting data on the effectiveness of using literacy in Physical Education. I understand that there is a lot of pressure on students today to pass the OAKS tests. I feel that I can give some help in my P.E. class to help the students get the literacy components while not jeopardizing their ability to get exercise.


Student Teaching

  • South Salem High School, Salem, Oregon

Practicum Teaching

  • Swegle Elementary School, Salem, Oregon

Other Classroom / Youth Experience:

  • Athletic director, Regis High School, Stayton, ORegon
  • PE/Health teacher, Regis High School, Stayton, Oregon
  • Instructional assistant, Sprague High School and Lamb Elementary School, Salem, Oregon
  • Associate head men's basketball coach, Sprague High School, Salem, Oregon
  • Head men's basketball coach, Regis High School, Salem, Oregon, and Santiam High School, Mill City, Oregon


Student Teaching Supervisor

  • Rick Lacey, South Salem High School, Salem, Oregon

Practicum Supervisor

  • Jeremiah Rasca, Swegle Elementary School, Salem, Oregon

University Supervisor