GSE Internal Resources

Faculty Travel and Resource Policies (FTRP)

Purpose and Goal: This program supports faculty travel to academic conferences and other resources/travel that pertain to faculty development of the Graduate School of Education.

Eligibility, Guidelines and Evaluation Material
  • Eligibility: Only tenured or tenure-track faculty teaching full time in the Graduate School of Education at Willamette University may participate in this program. Members of the Faculty Travel and Resource Committee may apply for funding. Full time temporary faculty members in permanent positions are not eligible for travel funds from this program, but they should contact the GSE Dean for possible alternative support.
  • Funding Available: Funding for travel within the United States is allocated at the maximum of $1,400 per trip and for International travel, the maximum is $1,800 per trip.
  • Application Procedure: The application form can be accessed here.  Applications will be reviewed April 1st, September 15th, and December 1st.
  • Selection Criteria: The FTRP committee allocates funding based on the following priorities. When considering the award of travel funding, those proposals in categories 1-3 will be given higher priority, while those in categories 4-6 will be considered if funding is available: 
  1. First request with paper or equivalent contribution (critic for panel; major office holder with required business)
  2. Second request with paper or equivalent
  3. First request, no paper, but either no funding previous year or funded with paper only in the previous year
  4. Third request with paper or equivalent
  5. First request, no paper, funded without paper previous year
  6. Second request, no paper, funded with paper on first request
  • Expectations and Limitations: In order to provide support as widely as possible the following guidelines have been established (in addition to established University Travel policies):

  1. Food and Lodging: $250/day for maximum of 3 days
  2. Intercontinental travel allows on extra day for food and lodging.
  3. Faculty members are expected to find reasonable priced air tickets and lodging and are urged to consider using the University Travel Center.
  4. For local travel to Portland, Eugene, etc., $250/day funding is available for travel, food and lodging and for up to $250 in registration fees.
  5. Food and lodging to support family members accompanying the faculty members may not be charged to the university.
  • Reporting Procedures: The following procedures must be followed in order to receive reimbursements:
  1. Receipts for food, lodging, parking, registration, etc. as well as boarding passes for air travel must be given to the GSE Executive Support Specialist within thirty days after the end of the conference travel.
  2. If a paper was presented, the faculty member must submit a program with their name highlighted. If no paper, evidence of attending the conference must be presented.
  3. If a faculty member is awarded funds to present a paper at a conference and then the paper is not accepted for presentation, the travel award will be reconsidered as a request for travel without presentation and thus evaluated in the new category.
  •   Deadlines
    • September 15th
    • December 1st
    • April 1st
  • Contact Information: Chair, GSE Resources Committee