Oregon Writing Project

Teacher Summer Institute

Oregon Writing Project

June 30 - July 25, 2014

The Oregon Writing Project Collaborative invites you to participate in 20 days of writing and learning during the Summer Institute held each July in Salem. You will find a link to the Summer Institute application below this paragraph. The Institute is modeled after the Bay Area Writing Project and offers professional growth opportunities for teachers kindergarten through college in all content areas who wish to develop their writing skills and improve effectiveness in teaching writing.

Online Application


  • Improving student writing
  • Increasing the use of writing to learn
  • Improving university and school collaboration
  • Increasing the professional power of teachers as staff developers and classroom researchers

The Summer Institute provides a collegial writing forum where teachers polish writing skills, explore new technology, and share expertise across grade levels and subject areas. Twenty experienced teachers will come together during this four-week session to share successful writing strategies used in their own classrooms, work on developing their own writing, learn techniques for using technology to support writing, hear from guest writers and consultants, and explore current research on writing and the teaching of writing.

During the following year, participants will return to campus to review and extend the summer work and organize staff development activities for colleagues at their school sites. Four Willamette University graduate semester credits can be earned by Fellows who complete the Summer Institute and the required follow-up research or staff development projects. Other opportunities for advanced study will be available.

Fees and Tuition

George Fox University is giving a tuition waiver of $1,200 for the Summer Institute.  The remaining cost is $1,600, which includes tuition and fees for four graduate-level semester credit hours, three in the summer and one in the fall. (The tuition and fees will be collected in two payments:  $1,000 for the summer credits and $600 for the fall credits.)  Teachers should check with their school districts about tuition/fee reimbursement.  Many school districts will reimburse in full or in part.

You are encouraged to share information about the Institute with your colleagues; you may even wish to apply as a team with one or two others from your school. Applications are accepted now, and acceptance interviews will be scheduled with applicants until twenty teachers are accepted for the Summer Institute.  An important pre-Institute orientation will be held for selected teachers in June 2014.


If you have further questions, please contact Nancy Fischer (503-569-0995) or Debby Corey (503-375-5486).

In Their Own Words

Comments from OWP Alumni

  • "OWP offers an opportunity to work collaboratively and share the best writing strategies with colleagues."
  • "A wonderful way to develop the habits of a writer."
  • "So many more ideas! I actually feel like going back to teach tomorrow. Craziness in July! I am excited and confident about teaching writing."
  • "I'm inspired to use writing in my science teaching to help my students verbalize abstract concepts."
  • "The Summer Institute has fostered in me a greater recognition of how all the grade levels, kindergarten through college, are connected and reflect each other."
  • "I appreciate the opportunity to explore the research and writings in the field ... With theory comes the power and justification to try always more things in teaching ..."
  • "I never knew writing would be so spirited and enlightening."
  • "The freedom to write and think and reflect and write again is a wonderful gift."

Excerpted from anonymous final evaluations