Oregon Writing Project

Trip Summary

Galapagos ELL Project


As part of an OWP project to strengthen teachers' work with second language learners, six teachers traveled to the Galapagos Islands in July 2004, studied together, and taught English as volunteers at the Excuela Naval, the Navy School on the island of San Cristobal. They also studied and practiced Spanish in an effort to be able to use Spanish in their classrooms and to develop a first-hand sense of how it feels to be learning a second language while immersed in a foreign culture.

The teachers, Trish Jenkins, Melody Munger, Kate Russell, Heather Anderson, Karen Hamlin, and prepared for the trip by studying theory and strategy for the teaching ELL students and developing drafts of lesson plans. During and after the teaching experience, they revised their lesson plans and, through reflecting writing and discussion, sorted out what they learned from the experience that would strengthen their teaching of ELL learners in their classrooms in the U.S. The experiences they had together and as individuals have become a part of their lives as they work in their classrooms and communities. The links on this website tell the stories of their summer and their learning.