Graduate School of Education

ESOL Endorsement Program

The Graduate School of Education discontinued offering degree, licensing and endorsement programs at the end of the 2013-14 academic year.

The Graduate School of Education ESOL Endorsement Program was designed to assist beginning and experienced teachers working or planning to work with ESOL students. The classes were held around current educators' schedules and led teacher to competence in working with second-language learners.  All ESOL courses aligned with TESOL, TSPC and NCATE Standards.

All ESOL coursework was offered online, with the exception of the required field experience.

Candidates enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) or Master of Education (M.Ed.) program could elect an ESOL endorsement as their area of specialization in that program. 

Program Completion

  • 12 credits (8 credits - Willamette MAT preservice candidates)
  • Passing of NES - ESOL exam.  Click here for testing information.
    • TSPC updates testing requirements periodically. Please check the TSPC website to be sure you are taking the correct exam.
  • 90-hour field experience in school with endorsed ESOL professional
    • At least three months BEFORE the anticipated start of the endorsement practicum, candidates must download, complete and submit this form.  Once the form has been received, a practicum placement will be secured, at which time the candidate will be enrolled in practicum hours (2 credits).

Program Policies

  • Candidates must follow all GSE policies and procedures as outlines in the candidates handbook.
  • Candidates will be required to participate in advising sessions and other orientation sessions as scheduled by the GSE faculty and staff.
  • All candidates must complete appropriate paperwork (admission application, code of conduct, etc.) before enrolling in classes.
  • It is the candidate’s responsibility to maintain current information in their academic file and to notify the GSE staff of any changes.
  • Candidates must notify the Dean's office within the first week of the course if they wish to withdraw. Failure to notify the program in writing that you wish to withdraw will result in a failing grade for the course and no refund on course tuition.
  • If, at any time, a candidate wishes to withdraw from this endorsement program, the candidate should contact the Endorsement Coordinator in writing to declare their intention to withdraw from the program.
  • Candidates have three years to complete a specialty endorsement program. If, after three years, a candidate requires an extension for program completion, the candidate will need to obtain written permission from the program coordinator. If the request for extension is granted, this must be accompanied by an advising plan for program completion within one year, with the understanding that the candidate will need to fulfill additional program requirements to complete the endorsement. If the 3-year period lapses and the candidate has not completed the endorsement program nor applied for an extension, the candidate will need to re-apply to the program and agree to fulfill any additional program requirements to complete the endorsement.
  • Candidates must fulfill all prerequisites before enrolling in any course.
  • Candidates must earn a C or better in any course or field experience in order to count that course toward the endorsement.
  • Candidate progress, performance, and professional behavior may be evaluated by the program area faculty at any time. Following such evaluations, advisors will notify candidates about the assessment of their progress in the program and inform them of any deficiencies identified and the required action to remain in good standing. Failure to remediate deficiencies may result in dismissal from the program.
  • Students must take all required courses to complete the endorsement program.

for candidates starting September 2012

Course Number and Title Credits
ENDR 555 - Foundations of Second Language Acquisition 2
ENDR 556 - Foundations of Planning and Assessment for ELs in the Mainstream Classroom 2
*ENDR 557 - Advanced Foundations of Language Acquisition and Linguistics 2
*ENDR 558 - Advanced Planning and Assessment for ELs 2
*ENDR 559 - Professionalism and Support for all ELs 2
*ENDR 581 - Clinical Experience in the Teaching of English Language Learners


*Indicates courses that current WU MAT candidates will need to complete for this endorsement.  All other candidates will need to complete all courses listed.