Graduate School of Education

Special Education Endorsement Program

The Graduate School of Education discontinued offering degree, licensing and endorsement programs at the end of the 2013-14 academic year.

The Special Education Endorsement Program (SPED) prepared educators who are ethical, reflective, student-centered, technologically-adept, collaborative and sensitive to issues of diversity and culture, to teach and manage the education of students with special needs.  All of these attributes align with Willamette University Conceptual Framework and uphold TSPC, INTASC, and NCATE standards of excellence in specialty preparation areas.  Designed with educators in mind, participants in this program enhanced their ability to respond positively, creatively and proactively to increasing achievement demands placed on students with special needs.    

The program consisted of graduate-level credits, which will be taken over 14 months (starting one summer and going through the following summer). The program used a cohort model thus laying the groundwork for candidates to develop networks and supportive, collaborative relationships with peers also pursing this complex and demanding specialty area of instructions. 

Program Highlights

  • Mixed format (face-to-face and online course delivery) with night and weekend classes
  • Typical completion in 14 months
  • Extensive hands-on practicum
  • $595/credit (starting summer 2013)

Program Completion

  • 14 required courses for a total of 28 semester credits
  • Passing of ORELA Special Education exam
  • Two practicum/internships in schools with endorsed Special Education professional, on-site and University supervisor

Course Requirements

  • Students must take all required courses in sequence starting in the summer
  • The two required practicum/internships in schools are during the fall and spring semesters
  • Development of a professional portfolio of Special Education methods and administration ideas and plans

Course Calendar

Semester Course Number and Title Credits
Summer 1 SPED 554: Language Development and Language Disorders 2
SPED 562: Diagnosis and Curriculum (Functional) 2
SPED 563: Diagnosis and Curriculum (Academic) 2
SPED 591A: Port. Dev: Classroom Methods 1
SPED 591B: Port. Dev: Program Development 1
Fall SPED 556: Ed of Except: LD/SED/ADHD/Sever/Low Incidence 2
SPED 564: Special Education Law 2
SPED 565: Tech: Special Ed Instruction 1
SPED 580A: Supervised Teaching/Internship: Research Techniques 2
Spring SPED 555: Basic Skills for Students with Disabilities 2
SPED 559: Medical Aspects 2
SPED 567: Tech: Assistive Devices 1
SPED 580B: Supervised Teaching/Internship: Action/Summary/Reflection 2

SPED 557: Parents, Community & School Collaboration 2
SPED 561: Managing Difficult Behaviors 2
SPED 568: Collaboration/Consultation Skills for Special Educations 2