Graduate School of Education

Online Extended MAT Program (18-month)

The Graduate School of Education discontinued offering degree, licensing and endorsement programs at the end of the 2013-14 academic year.

Program Structure

Offering the ultimate in flexibility and location, all coursework in this extended format of the MAT program was delivered online.  In the second and third semesters, students completed the required clinical experience at a school site during the fall semester and a full-time clinical teaching experience during the spring semester before graduation.  The required clinical experience was in a traditional classroom setting in public schools, and methods courses required synchronous (specific day and time) log in to participate.

Semester One: (January-June)
Online classes January-June
Clinical Experience: 90 hours in schools or educational settings scheduled at your convenience

Semester Two: (August-December)
Online classes August-December
Clinical Experience: September - one/two days a week at school site, October-December - 3-4 weeks at school site

Semester Three: (January-June)
Online classes January-June
Clinical Experience: At school site Monday-Friday, all day

Extended (online) Program Schedule

K-8 track - 43 credits, Secondary track - 39 credits

January-June (Semester 1) August-December (Semester 2) January-June (Semester 3)
Language and Literacy Schools, Classrooms, Teachers
Human Development and Learner Differences: PK-12 Students Teaching and Learning Issues and Ethics
Inquiry and Reflection I-A Inquiry and Reflection I-B Inquiry and Refection II
K-8 track Language Arts and Social Studies Methods Mathematics and Science Methods Specialty Methods
Secondary track General Methods Methods I Methods II
Clinical Experience I Clinical Experience II Clinical Experience III

More about the Online Extended MAT Program

  • Select a track based on intended authorization level, either K-8 or Secondary.
  • Candidates in the online program may add one of the specialty endorsement of ESOL or Special Education to their teaching license.  Candidates also have the option to take one introductory course toward the Reading Endorsement, which is eligible to teachers with at least three years of licensed teaching experience.
  • Online format allows candidates to complete the MAT degree with few requirements to travel to campus for class and with fewer impacts on other life commitments.
  • Coursework is online with the exception of required field experiences.
  • All coursework follows national and state accreditation requirements.
  • Technical support and advice is readily available.
  • The online delivery model is simple, effective and efficient and requires the candidate to only have computer and internet access.