Graduate School of Education


2014 Degree Candidates

Spring 2014 candidates for Willamette University's Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree are excellent prospects for teaching positions. These candidates will qualify for the MAT degree and the Oregon Initial I Teaching License after successfully completing the program in June. In this guide you will find highly qualified teaching candidates for authorization levels in Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle and High School.  Please see the left navigation bar for a link to the previous year's graduates.

Finding a Job

Learn more about how to find a job. Resources for searching for jobs in Oregon, across the country and overseas are available to current candidates and graduates.

The Oregon Writing Project

The Oregon Writing Project at Willamette supports excellence in the teaching of writing at all educational levels and subjects through collaboration, education, and community involvement. Through a professional development model, OWP at Willamette aims to build the leadership, programs, and research needed for teachers to help their students become successful writers and learners.

Oregon Technology in Education Network (OTEN)

Willamette University is one of six partners in the OTEN Consortium that received a $1.6 million Teacher Quality Enhancement-Partnership grant from the US Department of Education. It is designed to increase student achievement in K-12 classrooms in high need schools and to assist teachers who use technology in the classroom.