College of Law Communications Services

Below are services offered by the College of Law communications department to help market and promote recurring and special events.


Standard size (11" x 17") printed posters are a low-tech way to inform potential audience members about your event. Posters can be displayed at the College of Law, the main Willamette campus, and off campus. Communications will design the poster and move it through the print and distribution system at Willamette. Use the online order form as a guide to collect pertinent information and to order your poster. A short consultation with our designer is required for new events.  

Digital Slides

Similar to posters, digital slides are an effective way to promote your event. Digital slides are displayed on monitors located in the law school's Lady Justice Lobby and Rick's Café and in several areas on the main campus including: the Putnam University Center, Hallie Ford Museum, Mark O. Hatfield Library, and Lestle J. Sparks Center. Communications will help you determine the most effective locations to place your digital slide.

HTML Email

Email is the single most effective way to invite potential audience members to your event. Working in conjunction with you, the communications office can create attractive HTML emails that both follow university style guidelines and relay information about your event. The HTML email file can be dropped it into your personal or organization's email and sent to internal mail groups or the communications office can assist with a larger distribution through a professional email marketing system. Assistance with email list development is also available.   

Web Page

For recurring or complex events, such as Law Admission's Open House or the Law Symposium, having a landing page where attendees can retrieve all information about the event and RSVP may be necessary.


Typically coupled with a webpage, an RSVP form can be built specific to your event to collect data from attendees. Participants will be able to RSVP, their information will be stored in a data store, and they will receive a personalized confirmation email once they submit their RSVP form.

To order services, complete the request for services form.