Class Profile

Whether fresh from undergrad school or pursuing a second career, Willamette law students are smart, talented and excited to be part of the close community that defines the College of Law.

At a Glance

Willamette students come from far and wide, giving us a diverse student body that represents a range of languages, cultures, interests, hometowns and expertise. Among our students are former professional athletes and military veterans, a fishing boat captain, archaeology lab assistant, and phlebotomist.

First Year (Class of 2017)

Total law school enrollment 318
First year class enrollment 91
Student-to-faculty ratio 11:1
Median LSAT 153
75th/25th percentile LSAT 156/150
Median UGPA 3.15
75th/25th percentile UGPA 3.42/2.8
Female students 54%
Students of color 26.8%
Average age 26
Number of US colleges and universities represented 57
States represented 19
Non-Oregon state residents 60%

Class Size at WUCL in Last Ten Years (Students Per Class)

Fewer than 10 31%
10 to 19 22%
20 to 25 15%
26 to 50 17%
51 to 75 8%
More than 75 7%
Classes with 50 or fewer students 85%
Classes with 25 or fewer students 68%
Classes with fewer than 20 students 53%
Classes with fewer than 10 students 33%