WUCL Alumni

Since its founding in 1883, Willamette University College of Law has educated more than 6,000 individuals who have gone on to do great work in their professions and in their communities.

Among our distinguished alumni are several federal judges and state Supreme Court justices, U.S. Senators and Representatives, state governors, and heads of Fortune 500 companies. We also count among our alumni countless directors of nonprofits, members of the clergy, teachers, social workers, small business owners and restaurateurs.

But perhaps more importantly, Willamette has produced some of the finest attorneys who work in the field each day — individuals who help members of their communities navigate difficult divorces, set up estate plans, or get new business ventures off the ground; as well as attorneys who prosecute crimes and represent the accused — all to ensure justice is served.

We are proud of our graduates and all they have accomplished in their time since they walked the halls of Willamette University College of Law.