Current Work Groups


  • Prof. Bernard Vail - Chair
  • Alan Brickley
  • Susan Gary
  • Heather Gilmore
  • Karl Goodwin
  • Evan Hansen
  • Steven Heinrich
  • Sally LaJoie
  • Rick Mills
  • David Nebel
  • Richard Pagnano
  • Lane Shetterly
  • Susan Teller
  • Brian Thompson
  • Tim Wachter
  • Merle Weiner
  • Michael Yates


  • Susan Grabe, Oregon State Bar
  • Dave Heynderickx, Legislative Counsel Committee
  • Sam Sears, Oregon Law Commission
  • Wendy Johnson, Oregon Law Commission
  • David Kenagy, Oregon Law Commission
  • Lisa Ehlers, Oregon Law Commission

2007 Legislative Session

  • HB 2381 (PDF)
  • The bill has been filed for consideration by the 2007 Legislature

2003-2005 Interim Session:

Commissioner Bernie Vail plans to reconvene the Work Group in the Spring of 2004 with hopes of recommending legislation in 2005.

2001-2002 Interim Session:

Commissioner Bernard Vail and Jacqui Koch gave a presentation at the Family Law Fall Conference at Salishan on November 2, 2001. The presentation, entitled "Uniform Marital Property Act: Point and Counterpoint" gave the Family Law Section of the Bar a chance to look at the positive and negative aspects of the proposed Uniform Marital Property Act. In January 2002, the Oregon Law Commission in conjunction with the Oregon State Bar also sent letters to various bar Section leaders requesting comments on Oregon's current marital property laws and on the Uniform Marital Property Act. After reviewing the comments and considering the various bar sections responses to the adoption of the Uniform Marital property Act in Oregon, Commissioner Vail proposed changing the scope of the Work Group's law reform project. He suggested changing the project from a focus on the Uniform Marital Property Act to a focus on the problems with Oregon's spousal elective share statute (ORS 114.105 et seq).

On June 7, 2002, the Oregon Law Commission approved the new project proposal submitted by Commissioner Vail. The Proposal is aimed at fixing the elective share problems (i.e. the perceived inequity in property distribution at death of a spouse compared to that at the time of dissolution of marriage.)