Government Borrowings Work Group


  • Lane Shetterly, Chair
  • Cynthia Byrnes
  • Pat Clancy
  • Ed Einowski
  • Doug Goe
  • Eric Johansen
  • Robert Larson
  • Laura Lockwood-McCall
  • Angie Peterman
  • Harvey Rogers
  • Jim Shannon
  • David Taylor
  • Fred Thompson

Interested Parties

  • Harrison Conley
  • Doug Goe
  • Joan Green
  • Dexter Johnson
  • Courtney Muraski
  • Christine Reynolds
  • Kate Richardson
  • Michael Schrader


  • Wendy Johnson, Oregon Law Commission
  • Lisa Ehlers, Oregon Law Commission


The Government Borrowings Work Group is meeting regularly to recommend revisions to ORS Chapters 286, 287 and 288 for the 2007 Legislative Session, so that those chapters:

  1. use uniform terms,
  2. eliminate inconsistencies
  3. make the financing techniques described in those chapters available to all governments unless there is a sound policy reason for making a distinction,
  4. clearly indicate when the provisions in those chapters are intended to override inconsistent existing legislation, and
  5. clearly indicate which provisions are intended to be authorizing and empowering, and which are intended to be limiting.

The law reform project was proposed by the Oregon State Treasury and the Oregon Municipal Debt Advisory Commissions (OMDAC).

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