Spring 2018 (January 8 - April 27)

Semester Materials

Looking for your textbooks? Visit the Willamette Store Textbook Information.  We expect textbook info to be posted in December.  (If you don't see your textbook listed, please contact the professor.)

  1. Academic Calendar
  2. Class Schedule (updated 1/23/18)
  3. Curricular Offerings (updated 1/23/18)
  4. Final Exam Schedule (updated 3/23/18)
  5. Instructions for Web Registration
  6. Registration Form (For students who cannot register online)
  7.  Academic Planning Presentation
  8. Clinical Law Program Information


First Assignments & Syllabi

(First assignments will be posted as we receive them.)

Final Exams Specific Instructions

(Specific Instructions will be posted as we receive them. If the instructions posted are different than what the professor told you in class, please contact the OSA so we may confirm with the professor. )

  • LAW 104-01: Contracts II (Molk)
  • LAW 104-02: Contracts II (Sandrik)
  • LAW 108-01: Property (Gilden)
  • LAW 108-02: Property (Diller)
  • LAW 111-01: Constitutional Law I (Williams)
  • LAW 111-02: Constitutional Law I (Green)
  • LAW 113: Alternative Dispute Resolution (Edmonds)
  • LAW 116: Legislation & Regulation (Garrett)
  • LAW 117: Int'l Law & Dispute Resolution (Nafziger)
  • LAW 202: Business Organizations (Molk)
  • LAW 206: Professional Responsibility (Tamayo)
  • LAW 207: Federal Courts (Dobbins)
  • LAW 213 Evidence (Morris Collin)
  • LAW 313: Conflict of Laws (Symeonides)
  • LAW 214: Real Estate Transactions (Hill)
  • LAW 216: Statutory Interpretations (Landau)
  • LAW 217: State & Local Tax (O'Reilly)
  • LAW 220: Accounting for Lawyers (Peacock)
  • LAW 222: Land Use Law (Sullivan)
  • LAW 225: Employment Law (Cunningham-Parmeter)
  • LAW 252: Constitutional Law II (Green)
  • LAW 255: Administrative Law (Dobbins)
  • LAW 258 Trademarks (Chiappetta)
  • LAW 262: Selected Tpcs Sports Law (Nafziger)
  • LAW 271; Entrepreneurship & the Law (S.Davidson)
  • LAW 314: Antitrust (Chiappetta)
  • LAW 316: Int'l Law & Dispute Resolution (Nafziger)
  • LAW 334: Criminal Procedure I (Appleman)
  • LAW 337: Secured Transactions (Sandrik)
  • LAW 339: Employment Discrimination (Cunningham-Parmeter)
  • LAW 372: Int'l Litigation & Arbitration (Symeonides)
  • LAW 273: Employee Benefits (Tamayo)
  • LAW 3018: Alternative Dispute Resolution (Edmonds)
  • LAW 3018: Legislation & Regulation (Garrett)

Court Certification

Please review the rules for court certification, as they differ from state-to-state.  Be advised that in addition to the court certification rules specified by the state, Willamette University College of Law requires the successful completion of Evidence and Professional Responsibility, and is in good academic standing (2.30 cumulative GPA or higher) before the Dean will certify the student.  This is information is also disclosed in the Law Student Handbook.

For Oregon, a law student must: 1) Be duly enrolled in or have graduated from a law school approved by the American Bar Association; 2) Have completed legal studies amounting to at least four semesters of full-time law study or the equivalent amounting to not less than 50 credit hours; 3) Be of good character and be adequately trained to perform competently as a legal intern; and 4) Certify in writing to the dean of the law school that the student has read and is familiar with the Model Rules of Professional Conduct of the American Bar Association and the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct of the Oregon State Bar.  Visit our forms library to review the details of the Oregon Court Appearance requirements.

For Washington, a law student must: 1) Be a student duly enrolled in and in good academic standing at an approved law school; 2) Successfully completed not less than two-thirds of a prescribed 3-year course of study or five-eighths of a prescribed 4-year course of study; and 3) Certify in writing under oath that the student has read, is familiar with, and will abide by the Rules of Professional Conduct.  There is a $50 application fee and several other parts to the application. Visit our forms library to review the details of the Washington Court Appearance requirements.

Academic Year

Willamette Law programs are on a semester system. Each regular academic year consists of two semesters - fall semester and spring semester. 

Fall Semester is the first semester of the year and runs from late August through early December. Spring Semester is the second semester of the year and runs from mid-January to early May.  A summer semester is also available and is optional. Summer semester runs from mid-May to mid-August.