Certificate in Law and Business

Course Requirements

The certificate program does not have a first-year elective course requirement, but instead encourages students to focus on developing the expertise in contracts and property essential to effective representation of business clients. Students may take one of the Core or Distributional courses listed below as their first year elective, but should first discuss the nature of those courses and proper sequencing with a member of the Program Committee. In addition, Rule III.2 (permission of the associate dean for student affairs) must be satisfied and approval of the course instructor obtained.

To receive the Certificate in Law and Business, a student must successfully complete the Certificate Program courses and the writing requirement listed below. All requirements for the Certificate Program must be completed prior to graduation.

The core course requirements, the distributional requirements, the capstone, and writing requirements can be found here. The Willamette University College of Law Student Handbook (Section 10, I.) provides a complete description of all requirements.