Course Requirements

There is no formal application requirement. Rather, if you are interested in earning a Certificate, please notify Marisa Walker at (503) 370-6046 or to register for the program. As you are closer to your graduation date, please confirm with Marisa that you in fact have satisfied the three requirements described below:

  1. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher at the time of registration of in the Program.
  2. Complete a total of sixteen hours in certificate program courses listed below with a cumulative program GPA of 2.8 or higher in the graded courses.
  3. Graduate with a cumulative College of Law GPA of 2.5 or higher.*

1L/2L/3L Introductory Required Course (3 hours)

  • 117 or 316: International Law and Dispute Resolution OR
  • 118 or 320: Comparative Law

2L/3L Other Required Courses (2-3 hours)

In addition to the Introductory Required Course, take the omitted introductory course:

  • 316: International Law and Dispute Resolution OR
  • 320: Comparative Law

Plus any one of these courses:

  • 318: International Business Transactions
  • 372: International Arbitration and Litigation Law
  • 313: Conflict of Laws

2L/3L International or Comparative Law Seminar Writing Requirement (2-3 hours)

  • 359: Selected Problems in International Law OR
  • Other international or comparative law seminar requiring a research paper, or, with the Certificate director's approval, a paper in another seminar or an international or comparative law topic

2L/3L Elective Course

  • Any course listed in Other Required Courses (above) that you are not using for that requirement
  • 361: Advanced Topics in Conflict and Dispute Resolution
  • 378: Bucerius Law School courses, with approval of the Certificate program director
  • 358: Comparative Constitutional Law
  • 383: European Union Law
  • 6252: Global Entrepreneurship: Launching & Managing International Ventures (GSM)
  • 6218: Global Human Resource Management (GSM)
  • 373: Human Rights Law
  • 470: Independent Research, with approval of the Certificate director
  • 350: Immigration Law
  • 393: International Children's Rights
  • 3001: War Crimes & the Law of War
  • 6258: International Finance (GSM)
  • 618-09: Human Rights & Immigration Clinic
  • 415 or 416: International Law Moot Court
  • 420: International Law Journal
  • 365: Latin American Law and Legal Institutions
  • 359: Selected Problems in International Law (if not used for seminar requirement)

Certain courses are approved, but only offered occasionally:

  • 210: Admiralty Law
  • 363: International Environmental Law and Policy
  • 393: International Children's Rights