Course Requirements

To be eligible to receive a Certificate, a Certificate candidate must:

  1. Achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher to be eligible for admittance into the Certificate Program;
  2. Submit one-page application to Program Director by no later than the beginning of the fifth semester;
  3. Complete a total of sixteen or seventeen-plus hours in the Certificate Program courses listed below; and
  4. Receive a cumulative GPA of 2.80 in the Certificate Program courses, including Constitutional Law I and II, all of which mush be taken on a graded basis.*

* Students must have the practical ability to take and complete all courses required for the Law and Government Certificate prior to graduation. If, for any reason, a Certificate candidate is unable to complete all courses prior to graduation, the student shall either opt to graduate on time without the Certificate and/or continue at the College of Law for such additional time as is necessary to complete the Certificate requirements.

1L Required Introductory Course (3 hours)

  • 116: Legislation & Regulation

2L/3L Required Core Courses and Seminar (11-12 hours)

  • 216: Statutory Interpretation
  • 255: Administrative Law
  • 304: State & Local Government Law
  • At least one Public Law Seminar (​consult with the Program Director to determine whether a different seminar qualifies)

      Eligible public law seminars include:

           358: Comparative Constitutional Law
           381: First Amendment
           237: Native American Law
           397: Public Health Law
           264: Selected Issues in Consumer Law
           355: State Constitutional Law
           382: U.S. Supreme Court Seminar

    The Program Director has the authority to approve other courses not listed for the public law seminar requirement.

 Required Practicum Project (2+ hours)

  • 476: Law & Government Practicum. Usually satisfied through externship or clinical opportunities approved by the Program Director.  Results in a substantial written work product (separate from the research writing requirement).

Research Writing Requirement

Certificate students must satisfy their research writing requirement through a Required Core Course.