Jamie Moon

United States Supreme Court (1 summary)

Chafin v. Chafin

The return of a child to a foreign country under an International Convention return order does not render an appeal of that order moot.

Area(s) of Law:
  • Constitutional Law

United States Supreme Court Certiorari Granted (5 summaries)

Chadbourne & Parke LLP v. Troice

Whether the Securities Litigation Uniform Standards Act (SLUSA) precludes a state-law class action alleging fraud and misrepresentation in a Ponzi scheme.

Area(s) of Law:
  • Preemption

FTC v. Watson Pharmaceuticals

Whether reverse-payment agreements between brand-name and generic drug manufacturers are per se lawful or presumptively anticompetative and unlawful.

Area(s) of Law:
  • Patents

Trevino v. Thaler

Whether a state court procedural defect acts to bar a federal habeas court from hearing a substantial claim of ineffective assistance at trial.

Area(s) of Law:
  • Habeas Corpus

Chafin v. Chafin

Whether an appeal of a ruling on a petition for Return of Children under the Hague Convention becomes moot when the child at issue returns to his or her own country of habitual residence.

Area(s) of Law:
  • Standing

Chaidez v. United States

Whether the rule announced in Padilla v. Kentucky—that an attorney provides ineffective assistance of counsel in violation of the Sixth Amendment by failing to inform a criminal defendant that a guilty plea carries a risk of deportation—applies retroactively to persons whose convictions were already final.

Area(s) of Law:
  • Criminal Procedure